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Your tools aren't broken. Popsink integrates with them so you can supercharge your existing toolbox one use-case at a time.

Un-batched data

Slow data is a technical choice. Popsink frees you from it by removing schedules from the familiar ETL experience.

Lineage, Discovery & ACL

You always know where data comes from, how it was processed, where it goes and you control who has access to it.

Build Once; Reuse Everywhere

Crush silos and redundant work by enabling your teams to share their output with one another directly in Popsink.

Secure & Compliant

Your data is fully isolated and encrypted across its entire lifecycle, both at rest and in motion.

ETL meet Reverse-ETL

In Popsink, your data tools can act as both data producers and consumers using only the dedicated connectors.

Elastic Infrastructure

No deployments to manage, Popsink takes care of all provisioning so you can focus on your real work.

Pay Only for What You Use

Only get charged for the compute, memory and storage resources you actually consume.

GDPR / CCPA Compliant

Customizable retention policies and upsertable states ensure you can build GDPR and CCPA compliant workflows.

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