Discover the power of continuous data operations!

Popsink aims to democratize real-time data access, empowering businesses to make timely, informed decisions and stay ahead in today's reactive world.

By leveraging change-data-capture (CDC) technology, Popsink detects and processes incoming data changes from multiple sources in real-time. This enables users to set up cost-efficient real-time data pipelines and integrate modern streaming technologies through a user-friendly interface.

Popsink provides real-time tools that allows anyone to automatically capture, process, and deliver data in real-time across ressources, setting a new standard for data teams and those dependent on them. Create dynamic tables in simple SQL to move beyond stale reports. By being up to 4x cheaper than leading ETL/ELT platforms, Popsink enables businesses to easily replicate and leverage live data for improved productivity and accelerated growth.

Real-time data capabilities provide companies with the live insights they need to enhance decision-making, optimize operations, and improve customer experiences. Dynamic pricing, real-time inventory oversight and management, live AI enablement and much more becomes possible through Popsink.

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