New connectors released: Kafka, Snowflake, Postgres and many more...

Deliver visible product impact quickly.

Because customer requirements are different, Popsink helps teams build product-driven data services.
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Connect to your data sources with simple configurations

Connect to your existing resources using only configurations.

Connect without writing code.
30+ connectors for your existing data stores and streams.
Get set up for testing in minutes.

Transform data in real-time using simple SQL

Discover the world of continuous availability like never before!

No scripting, just SQL!
No scheduling, data is transformed as it is generated.
Stateful and stateless ETLs.

Forward your real-time data to your favorite tools

Supercharge your existing toolbox with continuous data!

No migration, supercharge your existing tools!
Build only once and share with your teams.
Transparent lineage and access control.

Scale to infinity and beyond without lifting a finger

Focus on building data models and value extraction, we handle the rest.

No compute, memory and storage to manage!
Your infrastructure automatically adjusts to your usage.
Coming 2022: dbt integration.

Liberate your data
from batch processes.

Continuous Insights

Unlock your real-time insights and take decision at the speed of your operations.

Operational Automation

We real-time data comes automation! Build and distribute SQL rules across your business.

Data Assets Synchronisation

Save thousands of engineering hours by giving analysts self-service.

Features your team needs to succeed

The features you need from a real-time ETL engine.


Your tools aren't broken. Popsink integrates with them so you can supercharge your existing toolbox one use-case at a time.

Un-batched data

Slow data is a technical choice. Popsink frees you from it by removing schedules from the familiar ETL experience.

Lineage, Discovery & ACL

You always know where data comes from, how it was processed, where it goes and you control who has access to it.

Build Once; Reuse Everywhere

Crush silos and redundant work by enabling your teams to share their output with one another directly in Popsink.

Secure & Compliant

Your data is fully isolated and encrypted across its entire lifecycle, both at rest and in motion.

ETL meet Reverse-ETL

In Popsink, your data tools can act as both data producers and consumers using only the dedicated connectors.

Take it from experts!

"Timely data availability is mission-critical for our ability to identify and react to negative experience before customer sessions close. Analysts have routinely struggled to deliver this operational requirement and I'm looking forward to how Popsink lowers the technical bar for real-time."

CMO, Travel B2C2C

"We have a very ambitious customer promise which is key to our competitive advantage, being stuck looking at snapshots of past data has been a personal frustration for a long time!"

Head of Operations, IaaS Provider

"I have struggled with getting anywhere near real-time for as long as I've been writing ETLs, this is huuuge!"

BI Engineer, eCommerce

"I basically wake up to "where's my data" every day, this is a game changer!"

Analyst, Automotive Manufacturer
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