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Popsink provides real-time tools that allows users to automatically capture, process, and deliver data in real-time across ressources, setting a new standard for data teams and those dependent on them.

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Automatically replicate changes across resources at sub-second speed. No more schedules and complex dependency triggers!


Capture, Process, and Replicate streams of changes in simple SQL. Say goodbye to redundant batches and storage!


Popsink is built with existing Data Warehouse users in mind: you already know everything you need to get started.

One platform, all of your live data workflows.

From single user to enterprise scale, Popsink combines everything you need to set up and manage continuous data pipelines with ease.

Create dynamic tables in simple SQL.

Test in minutes with dummy data, then scale to infinity with managed connectors.

Bring self-service
to Live Data

We took care of complexity, your skills are enough!

Capture data in real-time.
Stream Ingestion

Change Data Streams.

Capture real-time events from your favourite sources using simple configurations.

Build real-time jobs. Fast.
Stream Processing

Live Processing in SQL.

Create dynamically updating tables in just SQL!

Ship data, as it happens.
Stream Activation

Real-Time Data Replication.

Automatically keep all your resources in sync as it happens.

The home of event driven teams
Streaming platform

Unify Data & Operations

Give your organization the means to keep every data consumer happy.

Streaming is here,
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An organization that works with a data-driven data-centric and data-derived approach can take practical steps to analyze its data streaming pipelines in real-time to provide a granular and accurate view of what’s happening in the business.

Adrian Bridgwater

Adrian Bridgwater

Senior Contributor


Popsink is the perfect tool to enable your domains to own #dataproducts in a #streamingdatamesh . #SQL is the way to bring all data personas together because only together can we build a mesh.

Hubert Delay

Hubert Delay

Solutions Architect


Avec le CDC on a échangé nos bugs de réplication contre des données toujours à jour mais surtout qui ne divergent pas avec notre base de données de production, et ce, pour un coût plus que raisonnable.

Keurcien Luu

Keurcien Luu

Head of Data Engineering


[Streaming] has been a tremendous help in processing our data and events. It enables us to process and analyze large amounts of data in real time with high scalability and reliability.

Qingyuandi Lin

Qingyuandi Lin

Data Infra Engineer


Going from batch to real-time is like going from printed newspapers to the web.

Marco Argenti

Marco Argenti



In 2023 data streaming is not just about BI and reporting, you can do so much more: Streaming ingestion into a data lake, Streaming “ETL”, Data integration, User-facing data products.

Yaroslav Tkachenko

Yaroslav Tkachenko

Principal Software Engineer


Thanks to event streaming in our data operations, we can detect enomalies earlier and prevent them from impacting downstream services. That’s a massive ops benefit!

Hubert Delandre

Hubert Delandre

Head of Data


We turned to an event bus — a pipeline that receives events — and built a modern data stack that can support a variety of data science and analytics applications.

Zachary Klein

Zachary Klein

Software Engineer, Data Platform

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Top performing data teams are massively adopting Change Data Capture and Stream Processing technologies to deliver best-in-class data services. With Popsink, you can do it too.

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