Romain Rondet joins Popsink!

June 23, 2022

Earlier this month Romain joined the Popsink team as Software Developer!

Can you share a bit about yourself ?

To tell you more about my story, I’m originally a car painter who had to rethink his professional career due to severe paint allergies. I got an opportunity to join the aeronautic industry and after only two years working in this field, COVID highly slowed down the aircraft production. I had always been passionate by the tech industry and at that time, found myself with a lot of spare time. So I started a training course to become a Python developer on Openclassrooms. I got my degree earlier this year and am now proudly working for Popsink as a Python / Vue.js developer !

What made you join Popsink ?

Right after I graduated, I started looking for a full-time, long-term contract. I’ve been hearing about Popsink for a few months already since Mikael (ed: Popsink's first hire!) used to be my teacher for the past two years. Funny thing is that I was approached by Alexandre just as I was telling myself that I would really like to work for such a company. To summarize, what made me join Popsink are… the technical challenge, the modern stack and the highly skilled team !

Thanks a lot Romain and welcome to the team, we're looking forward to building an amazing product together!

If you are also want to join an early-stage team to grow with, enjoy the benefits of remote work, and work on complex technical challenges, head here and have a look at our open position.


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