Mikael Briolet joins Popsink as first hire!

February 18, 2022

Earlier this month Mikael joined the Popsink team as Software Developer but not only... he is also the very first permanent hire in the team! Welcome Mikael!

Can you share a bit about yourself?

In a few words, I’m a developer specialized in Python and Vue.js. I actually retrained myself out of a previous barman career. I spent a few years following OpenClassroom courses and that ultimately led to my first developer job. After that I felt like I had to give back somehow and ultimately ended up as an OpenClassroom mentor myself. I’ve since worked in a few companies before ultimately going freelance for the remote convenience, directly needed when you’re living on a sailing boat.

Do you really live on a boat?

Yes! My wife and I got tired of living in a big city and we ultimately left Paris in June 2019. I was used to it from my father. We got lucky and left right before covid and we’ve been here in and around Normandy since then.

What made you join Popsink?

I started looking for a full-time and permanent position. Being freelance has benefits but is also a constant hustle for visibility. At which point I also wanted to have more of a team environment and people to grow with. I was contacted about Popsink and found the technical test very refreshing: more practical than what I was used to. Ultimately it’s the technical challenge, the modern technologies used in the product and the work environment that drove the match.

Thanks a lot Mikael and, once again, welcome aboard and looking forward to building an amazing product together!

If you are also want to join an early-stage team to grow with, enjoy the benefits of remote work, and work on complex technical challenges, head here and have a look at our open position.


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