Jean Labourier joins the team!

Jean has recently joined the team, let's welcome him as the first Account Executive at Popsink!

Dec 11, 2023

Jean Labourier joins the team!

Can you share a bit about yourself?

I’m a very curious person with a passion for both music and technology. After spending my school and university years in the UK, I moved back to my hometown of Paris. I initially found a retail sales job in a high-profile tech company before moving on to the B2B teams. While sales was not my field of study at university, this first job helped me understand that it was something I truly enjoyed and that I wished to pursue. After several years learning from the best around me, I’ve reached a point where I am seeking both new challenges to tackle and more opportunities to grow.

What made you join Popsink?

When I first heard Popsink was building its sales team, I was immediately interested. Driving sales and building customer relationships for a young startup has its fair share of challenges and I felt ready to seize the opportunity. After a few conversations with co-founder Benjamin to understand the technical implications of Popsink, I knew I wanted to be part of the team and am proud to be on board.

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