A word with Simon Serrano, Designer at Popsink

Simon is the architect behind the Popsink user experience and product interface. Let's learn a bit from him.

Dec 11, 2023

A word with Simon Serrano, Designer at Popsink

Can you share a bit about yourself?

I'm Simon, 30 years old, UX/UI Designer at Popsink. Epicurean by nature, I am passionate about beautiful things, good coffee, and other simple pleasures. I always have an AirPod in my ear, as I cannot imagine my life without music. Regarding my education, I initially joined a computer engineering school.In my third year, I realized that I wanted to pursue a more creative profession than what my school offered.I then decided to change my course to follow one more focused on the graphic side of the Web. It was at that point that I joined a company specialized in business travel as a front-end developer and Designer. I evolved for several years before joining a startup company specializing in electronic signatures. Everything had to be built from scratch: design, code, teams... After 3 years, around ten hired in the tech department, hundreds of mockups, and thousands of lines of code, I came across Popsink’s offer on Welcome to the Jungle which immediately spoke to me.

What made you join Popsink?

The challenge, above all. I have always heard about data. It surrounds us; we rely on it to make decisions, understand past events, or anticipate future events. It was a world that seemed distant to me, yet intriguing. When I saw that Popsink was looking for a designer to try to simplify the complexity of continuous data processing into lean and guided user flows, I seized the opportunity. What better challenge for a designer than to join an innovative company looking to simplify an ordinarily heavy and complex process? After discussing with the founders and dig a bit deeper into the subject, I quickly grasped the potential and impact of the solution. And if I hadn’t yet decided to embark on this adventure, the company culture, the founders’ vision, and the benefits it had to offer ultimately convinced me to take the leap. I then turned this new page to assist Popsink in its quest for real-time data ingestion.

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